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Oregon Candidate Questionnaire

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Candidate Name: Jo Rae Perkins
Office Candidate is running for: US Senate
Campaign Website:
Please answer accordingly using the drop-down on the right of the question. The optional explanations are limited to a couple of lines and will not appear on comparison guides with other candidates.
1 Will you vote to abolish the death tax? Yes
2 Do you support American energy independence? Yes
3 Do you support funding for infrastructure to protect the nation's electrical grid against an Electro-Magnectic Pulse (EMP)? Yes
  if it is a stand alone bill and not tied to any other item, project or expenditure.
4 Do you support government or private development of 5G capabilities to counter foreign threat to intelligence surveillance? No
  5G appears to have EMF issues which could affect the health of certain people. More research is needed.
5 Do you believe the government is prepared to counter cyber security threats? No
6 Do you believe we are in a climate emergency? No
7 Do you support reentering the Paris Climate Agreement? No
8 Do you support reduction in livestock and the development of plant-based meat? No
9 Do you agree with paying farmers to plow under their crops? No
10 Do you support national hunting and fishing regulations that preserve wilderness areas for recreational use? No
11 Do you support categorizing violent political demonstrations as terrorism? No
  Doing so opens a can of worms. We have seen some violence at political demonstrations as instigated from gov officials.
12 Do you agree with the continued imprisonment of January 6, 2020, U.S. Capitol protestors without due process? No
  it is unconstitutional. Violates Due Process as per the 5th Amendment to the US Constitution.
13 Does the federal government have constitutional authority to regulate schools? No
14 Do you support teaching critical race theory in K-12 schools? No
15 Should biological males who identify as women be allowed to compete in women's sports? No
16 Do you support the right of an American citizen to keep and bear arms as stated in the Second Amendment? Yes
17 Do you agree with the confiscation of firearms from discharged military personel? No
18 Should the federal government return to the states land it controls that is not for the purposes authorized by the Constitution? Yes
19 Do you support Bill S. 192 adding nearly 4,700 miles of Oregon "rivers" to the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System restricting use? No
20 Do you believe the federal government has taken too much authority from the states? Yes
21 Do you support returning people who are crossing the border illegally to their home country, if they cannot prove persecution or other valid reason for asylum? Yes
22 Do you support withholding federal funds to sanctuary cities that do not cooperate in federal immigration law enforcement? Yes
  And sanctuary states like Oregon.
23 Do you support blocking ICE from accessing state records for the criminal investigation of illegal immigrants? No
24 Do you support stronger border security to prevent illegal aliens and illegal drugs from entering the U.S.? Yes
25 Do you support automatic citizenship to children born in the U.S. when both parents are not legal residents? No
26 Do you support the Women's Health Protection Act designating abortion as an essential health care service? No
27 Do you support the federal mandate that private businesses pay family leave? No
  It is not the responsibility of the federal gov. Not in the US Constitution.
28 Do you support federal funding for the Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) to pay for child care while an individual pursues education, training or employment? No
  It is not the responsibility of the federal gov. Not in the US Constitution.
29 Do you support drug price fixing for cost control? No
30 Do you support a national law legalizing recreational marijuana? No
  This is a state by state issue as long as the product is not crossing state lines
31 Do you support the First Amendment right of business owners to run their business in accordance with their religious beliefs? Yes
32 Do you support cutting federal funds to Planned Parenthood or other organizations that performs abortions? Yes
33 Do you support a doctor's choice to not perform an abortion? Yes
34 Do you support overturning the Supreme Court decision in Roe versus Wade, returning the decision to the states? Yes
35 Do you support the Supreme Court's decision upholding same-sex marriage? No
  it is not the responsibility of the federal gov. Not in the US Constitution.
36 Do you support sending funds to Israel for their defense? Yes
  Genesis 12:1-3 God will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who do not.
37 Do you approve of the way that the U.S. withdrew from Afghanistan? No
38 Do you support cutting aid to countries that vote against the U.S. in the United Nations? Yes
39 Do you support laws that exempt government officials from laws that apply to private citizens? No
40 Do you support raising the Medicare eligibility age? No
  At age 65, it should be optional when one chooses Medicare w/out penalties for delayed sign-up.
41 Do you support replacing Social Security by gradually transitioning to private retirement plans for future beneficiaries? Yes
42 Do you see the 2030 Agenda (formerly Agenda 21) as a threat to the U.S. sovereignty? Yes