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Oregon Candidate Questionnaire

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Candidate Name: Michael Morrow
Office Candidate is running for: Oregon State House District 21
Campaign Website:
Please respond using the dropdown box on the right indicating how you would vote, if elected and not otherwise persuaded. (Bill references are for the 2021 session unless otherwise indicated.)
1 Tolling primary freeways and highways using variable rates to collect more during peak times to manage congestion. HB 2017 (2017) No
  If the road is a public road, the public has the right to use it without paying.
2 Funding transportation infrastructure with a 10-year $5.3 billion package that increases gas taxes to 40 cents by 2024. HB 3055 No
3 Require 100% reduced emissions below baseline emissions by 2040, with no structure to insure adequate power. HB 2021 No
  If the demand is there the market will decide.
4 A corporate gross receipts tax (CAT) that earmarks 40% to fund Student Success grants and 30% to the Student Investment Fund. HB 3427 (2019) No
  Taxes are bad, unilateral taxes like this will drive business from the state.
5 Require state parks to install public electric vehicle charging stations. HB 2290 No
  State parks should not be required to provide non park amenities.
6 Establish the Oregon Clean Vehicle Rebate Program to give rebates and promote electric vehicles. HB 2165 No
  If the demand is there the market will decide.
7 Rent control with government regulated increases. SB 608 (2019) No
  If the demand is there the market will decide the price.
8 Prohibit public bodies and law enforcement agencies from inquiring about immigration status, or deny services and benefits, unless under criminal investigation. HB 3265 No
  Immigration should be opened up to the regulated ability to come, no more quotas or year long backlogs.
9 Gun owners must securely store their weapons when not in use, bans guns in the Capitol and PDX, allows public schools and universities to install gun bans, and makes gun owners liable for crimes committed if the gun is stolen. SB 554 No
  Gun laws are an infringement on our rights to carry and protect ourselves.
10 Add an Office of Immigrant and Refugee Advancement in the Governor's Office to operate statewide strategies and ensure legislation doesn't negatively impact immigrants of color. SB 778 No
  No more government offices to think for others. People should treat each other with respect
11 Allow registered voter's name to stay on the active voter rolls for an unlimited period of time. HB 2681 Yes
  Registration to vote should be enough.
12 Permit return of ballots if postmarked the day of election and received by the county clerk up to 7 days after the election. HB 3291 Yes
13 Eliminate the essential skills test in reading and math proficiency required to obtain an Oregon high school diploma. SB 744 No
  Basic skills are needed, however teachers shouldn't teach to the test.
14 Increase access to charter schools giving preference to underserved students. HB 2954 Yes
  Parents should have the choice of where their children learn.
15 Require a school district making reductions in educator staff positions to retain teachers with less seniority to meet cultural or linguistic goals. HB 2001 No
  If the demand is there the market will decide, involve the parents in the process.
16 Establish statewide Early Childhood Suspension Prevention Program enacting a social emotional learning framework geared toward underserved and disabled students. HB 2166 No
  If the demand is there the market will decide. Let the schools handle their issues.
17 Allow undocumented aliens to obtain driver's license. (Reverses Measure 88. HB 2015, 2019) No
  The Federal government should document all immigrants and let people come here if they want without huge backlogs.
18 Require environmental and climate solutions address structural socioeconomic inequalities built by a history of economic and social inequality. SCR 17 No
19 Reduce the tax kicker by rewriting the legislative approved budget shifting obligations to take advantage of excess kicker funds to benefit the General Fund. SB 846 No
  Our taxes should be reduced and excess given back to the taxpayers.
20 Develop a single payer government run health care prototype. HB 2447 (2019) No
  Not the governments job. If the demand is there the market will decide.
21 Paid family medical leave using 1% combined employee/employer paid. HB 2005 (2019) No
  If the demand is there the market will decide.
22 Allow COVID-19 vaccination mandates for attending school, work, or travel. HB 3057 No
  Personal choices are personal.
23 Permit accessory dwelling units for low-income rental homes. HB 3335 Yes
  If the demand is there the market will decide.
24 Require local government to permit affordable housing on lands not zoned for residential us. SB 8 Yes
  If the demand is there the market will decide.
25 Require unanimous jury for a guilty verdict, and remove the cap on non-economic ddamages to an injured party. SB 193 Yes
  Duh! Juries are our check on abuses of our individual rights.
26 Expand the federal inspection operation for meat processing and build animal rendering facilities to use every part of the animal. HB 2785 No
  If the demand is there the market will decide.
27 Require 'care of life' if child is born alive after attempted abortion. HB 2699, SB 586 Decline
28 Restrict abortion after 20 weeks, the point the fetus feels pain. Decline
29 Fund the Good Neighbor Authority Agreement to reduce wildfire risks. HB 2795 Yes
  Agreements should be followed until they are officially withdrawn.
30 Allow merchantable forest products harvested on forestlands. HB 2070 Yes
  If the demand is there the market will decide.
31 Wildlife Corridor and Action Plan for wildlife habitat areas and connectivity routes as potential protected areas. HB 2834 (2019), HB 2548 (2021) Yes
  This is smart planning for travel and for the protection of animals and property.
32 Tax credit for reforestation. HB 2632, HB 2782 Yes
33 Allow Secretary of State and Attorney General access to bank accounts and other personal documents when investigating donors and individual signers of a petition. HB 2908 No
  Privacy of political speech is important.
34 Establish a state owned Bank of Oregon to finance economic development by increasing capital for businesses and farms. SB 339 No
  Not the state government's job!
35 Set standards for PUC to develop 100% electricity sold to be generated utilizing renewable and carbon-free energy. SB 390 No
  If the demand is there the market will decide.
36 Lower the voting age from 18 to 16 year of age. SJR 25 No
  Only if the age of majority is reduced as well. If they can vote, they can do anything...drink, etc.
37 Allow a person convicted of felony, serving life sentences the right to vote. HB 2366 No
38 "Ranked-Choice Voting" allowing voters to rank candidates in order of choice. SB 791 Yes
  This will allow for all positions to get a fair vote, no more "wasted" votes.
39 Allocate state funds to pay reparations to Black Oregonians. SB 619 No
40 Allow employees the right to use marijuana if not impaired, except for high risk jobs. SB 379 (2019) No
  That is not a right, let the market forces decide if legal products are not allowed, i.e. alcohol.
41 Prohibit "undetectable firearm" sales or transfer, such as custom made. SB 396 No
  Second amendment grants our rights to bear arms, no restrictions are mentioned.
42 Return the Superintendent of Public Instruction to a public elected position according to the Oregon Constitution Article VIII, Section 1. SB 601 No
  The postion should be eliminated.
43 Allow communities to form children's service district with the ability to accept grants and loans, funded by property taxes. SB 299 Yes
  The right to assemble together for a common purpose is a bedrock of our society.
44 Establish school district safety requirement prohibiting contracting with law enforcement. SB 238 No
  If the demand is there the market will decide.
45 Restrict and reduce the emergency powers of the Governor by legislative concurrence. HB 2713, HB 3177 Yes
  Once again, this is needed due to the abuse of a commonly understood power.
46 Restrict the "emergency clause" on legislation to a definition of a true emergency. Yes
  Once again, this is needed due to the abuse of a commonly understood power.
47 Support the Columbia River Bridge design with light rail included. Decline
48 Eliminate mortgage interest deduction from taxable income. SB 852, HB 3349 (2019) No
  People rely on this as it was long standing. Changes to reduce our tax burden should be made.
49 Convert to a sales tax that would totally eliminate a personal income tax. Yes
  Sales taxes if used on all transactions, excluding essentials, works if all other taxes are eliminated.
50 Limit the sale of Oregon farm land to only U.S. citizens. (Over 2% is currently owned by foreign countries.) No
  If the demand is there the market will decide.
51 Prohibit use of hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas exploration and production. HB 2623 (2019) No
  If the demand is there the market will decide.
52 Change the governor's appointing authority for court judges to require Senate confirmation. Yes
  Checks and balances are good for democracy.
53 Develop court programs as an alternative to incarceration for certain no-violent offenders. Yes
  Also, eliminate any "crime" that does not have a victim.
54 Reclassify hydropower as a renewable resource. Yes
  It is.
55 Allow family access to education dollars that follows the student to use to customize the best education for their child. Yes
  Yes. Parents should decide where they educate their children, and that should include money taken for that purpose.
56 Permit gender identity instruction for grades K-3. Yes
  Parents should have control of what is taught, so if they want that taught they should be able to.
57 Allow biological males who identify as women to compete in women's sports. Decline
58 Require all Oregon employers to use the federal E-Verify system to determine the employee's work eligibility status. No
  A person is a person. If the demand is there the market will decide.
59 Protect First Amendment rights of business owners to run their business in accordance with their religious beliefs. Yes
60 Prohibit ICLEI/ICMA or other 2030 Agenda (formerly Agenda 21) organizations from contracting with public entities allowing them to make decisions reserved for elected officials. Yes
  Elected officials are elected to make decisions. They can delegate actions after the votes have been cast.
61 Support county's right to adopt or pass a Second Amendment Sanctuary ordinance. Yes
  They shouldn't need to do that though. It's a protected right already.
62 Repeal of Oregon's sanctuary state law. No
  People are people and should be free to immigrate as they see fit. Federal red tape should be eliminated!