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Oregon Candidate Questionnaire

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Candidate Name: Shawn Hartfield
Office Candidate is running for: Redmond School Board Director
Campaign Website:
School Board and Administration Responsibilities
As a School Board member, indicate how likely you would be to vote for or be in agreement with the following statements. Using the drop-down box, select on a 1-5 scale where 5 means strongly agree and 1 means completely disagree. (Education bills in parenthesis are being considered in the 2021 legislative session on the subject in the question.)
1 Giving hiring preference to applicants that help the school district meet educator workforce diversity requirements. (SB 232) 3 Neutral
  Candidates that possess the ability to make positive, lasting and caring relationships with students is a priority.
2 Open communication between the community and the board by encouraging public comments at board meetings and/or providing a method to submit public testimony online. 5 Strongly Agree
  I believe our community should be involved in the decisions we are making for our children.
3 Returning the office of Superintendent of Public Instruction from governor appointed position to a statewide elected office. (SB 601, SB 224) 4 Agree
  This position has a major impact on our children's educational experience and we as voters should have a say in it.
4 Class size being an additional factor when teachers unions negotiate teachers pay scale. (HB 2270 & SB 580) 3 Neutral
  I would love to see Oregon fund education to the level that District's could offer much smaller class sizes.
5 Requiring school board to receive training on promoting inclusion, eliminating racism, and achieving equitable academic outcomes. (SB 334) 3 Neutral
  OSBA offers and has provided many trainings to school board members across the state on this issue.
6 Taxing Oregon corporations, which increases the cost of living, as a way to increase funding for Oregon schools. 1 Strongly Disagee
  Increasing corporate taxes leads to fewer jobs and less revenue to the State and Schools.
7 School district should be held liable when students are victims of harassment, discrimination or intimidation. (HB 2937) 3 Neutral
  This statement is vague as many situations happen outside of the school system and over social media.
8 One school employee being assigned, trained, and compensated for every 250 students to act as disciplinary mediator. (HB 2504) 1 Strongly Disagee
  I believe each District needs the ability to apply resources to their specific needs such as the use of funds to hire counselor.
School Choice
9 More students being allowed to enroll in non-district virtual public charter schools without school district approval. (HB 2023, HB 2716 SB 518 & SB 657) 5 Strongly Agree
  I believe parents have a right to choose what will work best for their children's educations.
10 Expanding the availability of charter schools within the public school system. 3 Neutral
  This will all depend on the area and viability of the charter school and what is lacking in the district.
11 Allowing a student to attend any public school in the state. (SB 659, 2021) 5 Strongly Agree
  Again, I believe parents should have the right to make these decisions for their children's education.
12 School board support for including homeschooled students in extracurricular activities such as sporting events, music concerts, school clubs, etc. (SB 223) 5 Strongly Agree
  Since our state taxes are to be used to benefit all citizens, homeschoolers should be able to access the school system.
Student Learning-Curriculum/Testing
13 Developing a curriculum that teaches constitutional principles, limited government and maximized individual liberties upon which the U.S. was founded. 3 Neutral
  We all should understand our constitutional rights and individual liberties.
14 Students in grades K-12 receiving at least half of a semester of instruction on civics. (HB 2299, SB 26) 5 Strongly Agree
  We need to increase our participation in our civic duties, including voting.
15 A balanced curriculum that includes equal time studying the various perspectives on topics such as historic events, environmental theories, scientific assumptions and main religions. 3 Neutral
  There is a lot in this statement. I believe in the division of church and state.
16 School districts being required to provide instruction on racist history of this country and state. (SB 683) 2 Disagree
  I believe we should teach the history of our country.
17 Excluding political views, sexual orientation, and religious (or anti-religious) topics from the classroom. 5 Strongly Agree
  These are social issues not educational issues.
18 School board supporting programs that utilize volunteers from local businesses, churches and civic groups that provide mentoring, internships and other real life education. 5 Strongly Agree
  Developing quality relationships in our community will help our students thrive.
19 When English is a second language, promote student integration into regular school programs. 5 Strongly Agree
  I support our dual language program and wish it would have been available for my children.
20 Eliminating requirement that instruction in all subjects must be conducted in English, providing communication in a student's primary language. (HB 2056) 1 Strongly Disagee
  We have approx. 25 languages in our district alone. If the state funded for this maybe.
21 Permiting a parent to excuse student from taking statewide standardized assessment tests. (SB 678) 5 Strongly Agree
  The state testing takes around three weeks to complete. Oregon is already a year less in school days compared to most states.
22 Allowing schools to implement nationally recognized high school assessments in mathematics, science or English. (HB 2960) 4 Agree
23 Prohibiting commercially developed and scored assessment tests for preschool through second grade. (SB 596) 3 Neutral
24 Evaluating the instructional needs of each student as a result of school closure due to COVID-19 and report summary to the Department of Education. (HB 2962) 5 Strongly Agree
  We have 60% fail rate throughout the state. Our children deserve another year of instruction.
School Environment and Safety
25 Holding an open discussion with students on why students are dropping out of school. 3 Neutral
  I believe a discussion with the student and with the parents will be valuable to have along with discussing their options.
26 Conducting staff awareness training to identify early signs of harassment, intimidation, bullying and cyberbullying. 4 Agree
  Districts are already required to train their staff of these issues.
27 Dress codes that do not overly limit freedom of choice and speech. (HB 2052) 3 Neutral
  I have a hard time limiting freedom of speech but their are garments that cause a lot of distraction in the classroom.
28 A low student-teacher ratio increases success in the classroom. 5 Strongly Agree
  Research has proven this statement along with a teacher who connects with their students.
29 Students of any age being allowed to prevent parental notification when student has been a victim of harassment. (HB 2631) 1 Strongly Disagee
  Parents need to be involved with their children's educational experience.
30 Implementing a statewide education plan specifically for LGBTQ and other gender identity students. (SB 52) 3 Neutral
  Is this in essence a IEP? I do not see LGBTQ as a disability.
31 Armed security in every school. (SB 238) 3 Neutral
  High schools and middle schools seem to require more security than elementary.
32 Requiring schools to provide students that have been suspended or expelled with assigned classwork and meals the student may have received if not suspended or expelled. (HB 2945) 3 Neutral
33 Prohibiting school district board from authorizing or using certain monitoring software related to students' computer usage. (SB 594) 1 Strongly Disagee
  When using a school computer, the district has liability and predators are all over social media today.