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Oregon Candidate Questionnaire

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Candidate Name: Jason Yates
Office Candidate is running for: U.S. Congress - Oregon - 1st District
Campaign Website:
Please answer "yes" or "no" to the following questions. The optional explanations will be included in your Individual Candidate Guide.
1 Do you support drilling for oil and natural gas on public lands and waters? Yes
  States need to be allowed to use their natural resources to provide for their citizens.
2 Do you support the EPA conducting aerial surveillance on agricultural operations? No
  The EPA has no legal authority to do so because of the 4th Amendment.
3 Do you support the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act allowing the U.S. Military to arrest and detain ANY "suspected" terrorist without trial, legal counsel, or accusation of wrongdoing? No
  All human beings deserve a trial by jury, especially anyone labeled as a "terrorist".
4 Do you subscribe to the theory that human activity has a significant impact on climate? No
  Cows release more methane into the air daily than all the cars in the world. Climate change is a myth.
5 Do you support a public audit of the Federal Reserve System? Yes
  I support a full audit then a full abolishment of this illegal agency. Only Congress has the right to print money, not the FR.
6 Do you support the IRS demanding group membership lists? No
  This is a blatant violation of the 4th Amendment.
7 Do you support the FCC monitoring newsrooms and the internet? No
  This is blatant violation of the 1st Amendment.
8 Do you support closing Guantanamo Bay? Yes
  Cuba is not our nation. We cannot keep shipping foreign terrorists there to be held without fair trials.
9 Do you support increasing taxes for higher income families? No
  I feel a fair tax is the only common sense answer. Abolish the IRS and have everyone just pay 10% tax. No more, no less.
10 Does the federal government have constitutional authority to regulate schools? No
  This falls to the states for complete control of the education within their boundaries. Federal government has zero authority.
11 Do you support federal secret service agents being assigned to local schools? No
  This falls on the 4th, 9th, & 10th Amendment. Unlawful search & seizures as well as violating state authority makes it illegal.
12 Do you support dismantling the U.S. Department of Education? Yes
  Each state is granted the authority to set their own educational standards due to the 9th and 10th Amendments.
13 Do you support Common Core State Standards? No
  It is illegal due to the 9th and 10th Amendments. It focuses on minimum standards instead of challenging students.
14 Do you support a constitutional amendment to enumerate the already existing natural rights of parents? Yes
15 Do you support restrictions on the ownership of guns by law abiding citizens? No
  The 2nd Amendment says "these rights shall not be infringed". That is iron-clad.
16 Do you support the direct election of the president by popular vote? No
17 Should the federal government return to the states land it owns for the purposes not authorized by the Constitution? Yes
  Current law states the federal government must relinquish state lands when that state can handle the management duties.
18 Do you support free trade agreements with foreign nations? Yes
  I support being able to export our goods but we must put a tariff on incoming goods.
19 Do you support requiring all employers to verify employee eligibility to work in the United States? Yes
  All workers in the US should be citizens or have proper paperwork to work here. No illegal alien should hold an American job.
20 Do you support securing the borders before any form of amnesty is legalized? Yes
  The border must be secured at all costs. Amnesty should never be considered under any circumstance.
21 Do you support spending public funds to benefit illegal immigrants? No
  Public funds should only be used for citizens and those who are here legally.
22 Do you support automatic citizenship to children born in the U.S. when both parents are not legal residents? No
  Anchor children are currently legal but I will propose legislation to end this.
23 Do you support the Federal "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" (Obamacare)? No
  It is illegal and unconstitutional. It stripped 1/6 of the nation's economy and put it under government control.
24 Do you support paying for the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" by cutting Medicare services and reimbursements? No
  Obamacare needs to be repealed wholly and completely due to its illegality.
25 Do you support subsidizing insurers for lack of enrollees in the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act"? No
  Obamacare needs to be repealed wholly and completely due to its illegality.
26 Do you support legalizing genetically altered marijuana? No
  This would lead to other groups demanding other drugs be legalized. We must put our foot down now. This is the line in the sand.
27 Do you support the First Amendment right of business owners to run their business in accordance with their religious beliefs? Yes
  The 1st Amendment is clear on this issue. The owner has full control over his business, especially on religious issues.
28 Do you support spending public funds on abortion services? No
  Abortion is murder. What kind of a nation kills 57 million of its own children?
29 Do you support repealing the Supreme Court decision in Roe versus Wade? Yes
  The Declaration of Independence grants us "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness". Abortion ends a life.
30 Do you support the federal funding of embryonic stem cell research? No
31 Do you support the Humane Society of the U.S. and the U.N. to make all animal cruelty laws a felony? No
32 Do you support adding the Oregon Spotted Frog to the endangered species list affecting Oregon ranchers and farmers and recreational areas? No
  How about we put Oregonians on the endangered species list so we can use our lands and resources to better our lives?
33 Do you support preserving Israel's existing borders including occupied territories? Yes
  Israel must be protected and defended at all costs. They are our major ally in the Middle East.
34 Do you support U.S. aid to Israel to ensure it can defeat its enemies? Yes
  This is the only country I support sending foreign aid to.
35 Do you support laws that exempt government officials from laws that apply to private citizens? No
  I support the proposed 28th Amendment which states all government officials are bound by all laws they pass.
36 Do you support replacing Social Security gradually rolling over to private retirement plans for future beneficiaries? Decline
  I wish to study more on this subject before making a decision.
37 Do you support raising the Medicare eligibility age? No
38 Do you support enforcement of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)? Yes
  Marriage is between a man & a woman. It is rooted in biology. It was ordained by God. I refuse to let the definition be changed.
39 Do you support the use of presidential executive orders that changes law? No
  The President has no Constitutional authority to make or change law. All orders that change law are automatically null and void.
The following questions will not appear in the Candidate Comparison Guide, but will be included in your Individual Candidate Guide.
40 How would you ensure the land-use rights of rural Oregon and how would you protect their ability to farm and ranch?  
  The federal government currently owns 53% of Oregon which means we aren't even living up to half our potential. I will demand the federal government relinquish all control of Oregon lands. This will allow our state legislators to vote to sell the land or hold it in trust. I will request that the land be sold and allow private citizens to determine what they wish to do with the property. This will allow farmers and ranchers to do as they see fit to provide jobs and income for themselves and their families.
41 How would you propose to strengthen the checks and balances of the federal system?  
  We must elect stronger Representatives and Senate to Washington, DC. These legislators need to stop being afraid to stand up to Obama and his imperial presidency. They must also be willing to try high level government officials for misdeeds done (ex. Clinton, Kerry, and Obama for the Benghazi scandal or Lois Lerner for the IRS targeting scandal). When these officials and judges see they they are only part of the system and not the head of the system, the United States government will regain its balance and return to its rightful place as a world superpower.