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Oregon Candidate Questionnaire

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Candidate Name: David Walker
Office Candidate is running for: US House of Representatives OR 3rd COngressional District
Campaign Website:
Please answer "yes" or "no" to the following questions. The optional explanations will be included in your Individual Candidate Guide.
1 Do you support drilling for oil and natural gas on public lands and waters? Yes
2 Do you support a balanced budget? Yes
3 Do you support giving Puerto Rico and states access to bankruptcy court to legally impair its general-obligation debt when fiscally in trouble? Yes
4 Do you support cutting the military budget by not giving raises to military personnel? No
5 Do you support the EPA conducting aerial surveillance on agricultural operations? No
6 Do you support land-use rights for rural farmers/ranchers against EPA's forced land grab? Decline
7 Do you support EPA temporarily closing BLM roads to give time for public hearings and a permanent order? No
8 Do you support the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act allowing the U.S. Military to arrest and detain ANY "suspected" terrorist without trial, legal counsel, or accusation of wrongdoing? No
9 Do you support the UN Strong Cities Network sending foreign troops into states to train local enforcement to strengthen community resilience against violent extremism? No
10 Do you see environmental protections as a necessity that takes precedence over human rights? No
11 Do you subscribe to the theory that Oregon's human activity has an impact on carbon emissions affecting global warming? Decline
12 Do you support a public audit of the Federal Reserve System? Yes
13 Do you support the authority of IRS to request Social Security numbers of nonprofit contributing members? No
14 Do you support cutting ties with ICANN as an agent of the U.S. Government, which guarantees free speech on the internet? Decline
15 Do you support closing Guantanamo Bay? No
16 Does the federal government have constitutional authority to regulate schools? Decline
17 Do you support dismantling the U.S. Department of Education? No
18 Do you support Common Core State Standards? Decline
19 Do you support restrictions on the ownership of guns by law abiding citizens? No
20 Should the federal government return to the states land it owns that is not for the purposes authorized by the Constitution? No
21 Do you support free trade agreements with foreign nations? Yes
22 Do you support requiring all employers to verify employee eligibility to work in the United States? No
23 Do you support securing the borders before any form of amnesty is legalized? No
  What does securing the borders mean? lack of precision in language is a bigger problem than "secure borders"
24 Do you support spending public funds to benefit illegal immigrants? Decline
25 Do you support automatic citizenship to children born in the U.S. when both parents are not legal residents? Yes
  I understand this is part of the US Constitution, a person born in the USA is eligible to be a US citizen
26 Do you support the Federal "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" (Obamacare)? No
27 Do you support a national law legalizing marijuana? No
  Marijuana legalization is a state matter, not federal
28 Do you support the First Amendment right of business owners to run their business in accordance with their religious beliefs? No
  The US is not Saudi Arabia which allows business to use their religious beliefs to restrict sales.
29 Do you support spending public funds on abortion services? Yes
30 Do you support repealing the Supreme Court decision in Roe versus Wade? No
31 Do you support the Supreme Court's decision upholding same-sex marriage? Decline
  again marriage is a state matter, not federal. The Supreme Court should not be ruling on such matters
32 Do you support the federal funding of embryonic stem cell research? Yes
33 Do you support preserving Israel's existing borders including occupied territories? Decline
  International affairs such as this are not the premise of US House Representatives
34 Do you support U.S. aid to Israel to ensure it can defeat its enemies? Decline
  The US already aids Israel to do this. This question doesn't make sense.
35 Do you support laws that exempt government officials from laws that apply to private citizens? No
36 Do you support replacing Social Security gradually rolling over to private retirement plans for future beneficiaries? No
  This means handing Social Security over to Wall Street, not necessary
37 Do you support raising the Medicare eligibility age? No
  I state that Medicare should be an option for any citizen regardless of age
38 Do you support reining in the Supreme Court to strengthen the checks and balances in the federal system? No
  What does reining in the Supreme Court mean? This would mean changing the constituion which is not necessary
39 Do you support the use of presidential executive orders that changes law? Yes
40 Do you see the 2030 Agenda (formerly Agenda 21) as a threat to the U.S. sovereignty? No
  The only real threat to US sovereignity is the Republican/Democrat parties
The following questions will not appear in the Candidate Comparison Guide, but will be included in your Individual Candidate Guide.
41 How do you weigh environmental protections when it has a negative impact on human survival?  
  I do not see the connection between the two.
42 How would you propose screening war refugees to prevent potential terrorists from entering the country with them?  
  I support immigration as well as more thorough screening of all immigrants seeking to become citizens of the USA, regardless of country of origin.