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Oregon Candidate Questionnaire

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Candidate Name: Michael Cross
Office Candidate is running for: Oregon Attorney General
Campaign Website:
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1 Do you interpret the Civil Rights Act to mean that judges are subject to criminal sanctions if they violate the civil rights of citizens? Yes
2 Do you believe that when a state legislator, or executive, or judicial officer fails to uphold the Constitution they have violated their oath of office? Yes
  It's really quite simple. Leave it to lawyers to muddy the waters. (no offense)
3 Do you believe the U.S. Constitution defines and limits the power of the government? Yes
  Absolutely. And an egreious violation of late, is the separation of powers.
4 Do you think that court reporters are essential? Yes
5 Do you believe the "draw system" to populate juries adequately and fairly reflect representation of peers? No
6 Do you support a fully-informed jury including informing jurors of their right to consult conscience and exercise jury nullification to set aside the law when justice requires it? Yes
  The People make the law, albeit by extension in our republic. This is an instance where that power is MOST needed.
7 Do you agree that Oregon's Constitution needs to be changed to require unanimous jury convictions? [HJR 10 (2019)] Yes
  If even ONE juror has a doubt, then the default of innocence must be inviolate.
8 Do you believe the law that prevents courts from inquiring into a defendant's immigration status is beneficial to the court? [HB 2932 (2019)] No
  If a person has thwarted law to arrive here and is charged with a new offense,the court must know as it could impact Mens Rea
9 Do you agree with preventing the prosecuting attorney from conditioning defendant's plea offer based on waving eligibility for transitional leave, sentence reduction, or other programs for which executing or releasing authority may be considered? [SB 1002B (2019)] No
10 Do you agree that refusing to cooperate, by submitting to tests, when arrested driving drunk, should be considered in court? [SB 999B (2019)] Yes
11 Do you believe that a person with a marijuana conviction under prior law should have the right to request a hearing to reduce offense classification if the law is changed? [SB 975B (2019)] Yes
  Statute governs timelines on reductions.
12 Do you believe the costs of judicial administration could be reduced? Yes
  There is always room to improve efficiency, thereby reducing the burden on the taxpayer.
13 Do you believe judges should be required to report attorney misconduct? Yes
14 Do you believe there is such a thing as a "victimless crime?" Yes
  Would like to delve into this further, but parking tickets may be an example.
15 Do you believe that all citizens have adequate access to legal help and the legal system? No
  It has become inordinately expensive. Gerry Spence said it best,
16 Do you believe the Constitution allows for a citizen to be held without charge for an indefinite period of time? No
  ABSOLUTELY NOT. In fact, quite the contrary is SPECIFIED.
17 Do you believe removing the $500,000 cap on noneconomic damage for actions arising out of bodily injury, will have a negative impact on tort reform? [HB 2014 (2019)] No
  Let juries decide damages unfettered.
18 Do you believe there is an individual right as an American citizen to keep and bear arms in the Second Amendment? Yes
19 Do you believe that SB 719 (2017), allowing courts to confiscate guns for proven safety purposes, has had sufficient court review to error on the side of the defendant's right to own firearms? No
  It's still in effect, so no. The so called
20 Do you believe that a defendant that has been found guilty has the right to allocution - that is, the right to explain themselves before a sentence is passed? Yes
21 Are there any specific types of cases in which you know it would be necessary to disqualify yourself? No
22 Do you believe there is a conflict of interest for a judge to hold other local offices (elected or not)? Yes
23 Do judges have an obligation to improve public understanding of the courts? Yes
24 Would you be in favor of a system in which all sentencing decisions were routinely reported in local newspapers, indexed by the name of the judge? Yes
  Perhaps the ones overturned by higher courts.
25 Do you interpret the Constitution to allow for Sharia Law in the U.S. Court System? No
  Sharia Law has an inherent bias against women, something that we have worked hard to stop. Why go backwards?
26 Is jail overcrowding a determining factor in whether a case is prosecuted? Yes
  But it shouldn't be.
27 Do you believe the costs of the district attorney's office could be reduced? Yes
  There is always room to improve efficiency, thereby reducing the burden on the taxpayer.
28 Should a judge with ideological views concerning a case recuse themselves from the case? No
  If there's an inherent bias, of course; but thats why we elect PEOPLE, for who they are, their experience and character.
29 Do you believe public defenders provide a good defense? No
  Sadly no. Case loads are high and the pay is low. Some things need to change in this area.
30 Do you believe that a judge is obligated to comply with federal law, when it differs with Oregon Executive Orders? Yes
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31 How can our court system be improved?  
  Ellen Rosenblum, the current AG, has mismanaged the office horribly, forcing innocent people to remain behind bars. The debacle involving recent legislation eliminating Aggravated Murder cases is making a mockery of her office as well as the entire judicial system. The current AG could have solved the issues and failed to act. Prosecutors and Defense lawyers all agree that Rosenblum is totally out of control and has even lost basic decency for people that have WRONGLY had decades stolen from their lives. Such travesties of justice also mean that the real criminal is still walking free. Rosenblum doesn't seem to care about that either. If elected to AG, I would increase the pool that jurors are chosen from. I don't believe the current system adequately and fairly represents our peers. The pool should be increased to include all databases of citizens, not just driver's licenses and voter rolls. Also include people from property tax records, hunting & fishing licenses, etc. I would also advocate to: 1. Make video Conferencing available to attorney's and their clients when needed, (like now during COVID 19.) 2. Improve court room security, particularly in older buildings. 3. Bring Juror reimbursement in line with actual costs. 4. Prevailing Party should be made whole without repeat visits back to court. 5. I would like to explore the removal of liability in calls where no arrest is made and instead rely on officer's discretion.
32 What factors should the prosecution consider when determining whether to dismiss or try a case, or negotiate a plea bargain?  
  What is best for the Public; is it a first time offense, where a plea bargain would generate the same outcome but without the cost of a jury trial? Dismissal based on inability to locate a witness or perhaps a witness that may prove to be viewed as unreliable to the court and or Jury. Also, a case should be tried when the crime is so offensive and shocking.
33 What should the criteria be for the Attorney General to involve Oregon in lawsuits against the President's policies?  
  We need to examine the necessity of litigation, the likelihood of prevailing and the ensuing cost and added workload on an already overburdened staff. By shifting focus of time and money to litigate a President's policies, what LOCAL issues are encroaching on Oregonians Rights? What issues are taxing already stressed families? Issues like businesses profiting from our most vulnerable impoverished citizens, families and single parents are left by the wayside. Issues like predatory towing, excess banking fees and costs, harassing robo calls interrupting much needed sleep, family or personal time. The things that really impact every day Oregonians need to be addressed IMMEDIATELY. Rosenblum's defense is that the President is violating the constitution. If THAT is paramount on her mind, then why is she appealing circuit court judge's rulings for a NEW TRIAL for people WRONGFULLY CONVICTED of murder? Why capriciously and unfairly throw away innocent peoples lives? Is Rosenblum secretly a racist? One of these high society types that's above us "plantation workers"? How would these Defendant's have been treated had they been graduates of prestigious universities? There are MANY instances of this, but what immediately comes to mind are the cases of: Frank Gable, Dante Farmer, and Jesse Johnson to name a few. I thought justice was blind, but not if you're Ellen Rosenblum sitting on the porch drinking lemonade, looking out at your cotton fields.