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Oregon Candidate Questionnaire

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Candidate Name: Pavel Goberman
Office Candidate is running for: US Representative 1st Congres. District
Campaign Website:
Please answer "yes" or "no" to the following questions. The optional explanations will be included in your Individual Candidate Guide.
1 Do you support drilling for oil and natural gas on public lands and waters? Yes
  It will create many jobs and stop our dependency on foreign oil
2 Do you subscribe to the theory that human activity has a significant impact on climate? No
3 Do you support a public audit of the Federal Reserve System? Yes
  It is our, We the People agency
4 Do you support banning earmarks? Yes
  Till balance the budget
5 Do you support a balanced budget amendment to the Federal Constitution? Yes
  It is a law to balance budget: Amendm. XIV, Section 4
6 Do you support a flat tax on income to replace the current income tax? Yes
  Current income tax is so complicated to do for many people
7 Do you support increasing taxes for higher income families? No
  They must pay same percentage. Reduce income tax for the poor
8 Does the Federal government have constitutional authority to regulate schools? Yes
  The taxpayers are funding school, so, they have authority to regulate
9 Do you support restrictions on the ownership of guns by law-abiding citizens? No
  It is not government business to dictate people what to do.
10 Do you support the direct election of the president by popular vote? No
  Stop selling this country by corrupted media and politicians.
11 Should the Federal government return to the States land it owns for the purposes not authorized by the Constitution? Yes
12 Do you support free trade agreements with foreign nations? Yes
  Yes, if it benefits this country
13 Do you support requiring all employers to verify employee eligibility to work in the United States? Yes
  Employers must know about who is working for him / her
14 Do you support spending public funds to benefit illegal immigrants? No
  Nation is bankrupt and has no money for own citizens
15 Do you support the Federal "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act"? Yes
  Every citizen must have health insurance
16 Do you support preserving Israel's existing borders including occupied territories? Yes
  Yes, till all oppositions, include Palestinians will accept Israel as country
17 Do you support using military forces against foreign nations for non-defensive purposes? No
  The USA can't be police for all world. The UN must do it.
18 Do you support laws that exempt government officials and employees from laws that apply to private citizens. No
  All must have same rights
19 Do you support spending public funds on abortion services? No
  Ask taxpayers: do they want pay for abortion or reduce taxes?
20 Do you support replacing Social Security with private retirement plans for future beneficiaries? No
  These plans will rob seniors and others
The following questions will not appear in the Candidate Comparison Guide, but will be included in your Individual Candidate Guide.
21 Do you support or oppose sustainable development as defined in U.N. Agenda 21? Why?  
  No. Most people don't know about this agenda. And the media intentionally does not educate the people about it, and it is a conspiracy and cooperation with the public enemies.
22 If elected, what will your top three legislative priorities be?  
  1) Defend this country from weapons of mass destruction, 2) In a few months to help to create a few millions jobs without raising taxes, 3) Balance national budget in less than one year.