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Oregon Candidate Questionnaire

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Candidate Name: Brent Barker
Office Candidate is running for: Commissioner of Labor and Industries
Campaign Website:
Please answer accordingly using the drop-down on the right of the question. The optional explanations are limited to a couple of lines and will not appear on comparison guides with other candidates.
1 Do you believe the costs of BOLI could be reduced? Yes
  Costs can always be reduced or aligned with education and training a qualified workforce with marketable skills
2 Do you support requiring state agencies to use E-Verify to establish eligibility to work in Oregon? Yes
3 Do you believe the U.S. Constitution defines and limits the power of government? Yes
  The United States Constitution establishes and limits the authority of the Federal Government over the states
4 Do you support a minimum age of 16 for hazardous work in agricultural employment, except on parent owned farms? Yes
5 Do you support further increases in the minimum wage? Decline
  Enforce minimum wage laws, including those that provide for periodic automatic increases - determined by the legislature
6 Do you support the state mandating what benefits health insurance companies must offer? Yes
  Often the insured is not aware of the options available in health insurance
7 Do you support protecting individuals from lawsuits who provide charitable medical care? Yes
  Except in the case of severe negligence in providing reasonable care
8 Do you support taxing a person's estate upon the death of the individual? Decline
  Do not support any increase in estate taxes
9 Do you support the First Amendment rights of business owners to run their business in accordance with their religious beliefs? Yes
  If discrimination of an individual is not present a person has the right to locate goods and services that reflect their values
10 Do you think BOLI is statutorily obligated to get involved with compliance for COVID-19 mandates? No
  This is the role of the Governor
11 Do you think penalties given to business owners are excessive to the extent it affects Oregon's economy? Decline
  Penalties must be commensurate with the potential harm to the public, if any
12 Do you think BOLI should first help businesses develop programs to bring them into compliance before penalties are imposed? Yes
  Always provide mitigating steps so not to harm successful business operations and workers
13 Do you think business owners settle prematurely (before adequate investigation) in order to avoid accumulating penalties for each occurrence? Yes
  Business owners are focused on running a successful business
14 Do you support more government involvement in requiring businesses to participate in apprenticeship programs? Yes
  Educate business owners, high schools, community colleges on importance of training qualified workforce with marketable skills
15 Do you believe racial disparity is a major problem in Oregon? No
  However, it is typically a local or neighborhood issue, if any
16 Do you support Oregon's sanctuary state law? No
  It is an invitation for crime, black market economies that usurp wages for those with less
17 Do you support requiring businesses and unions to inform employees that union membership is optional? Yes
  Always provide options to employees and their livelihood
18 Do you support a legislative review of the operation and adequate funding of the Wage Security Fund? Yes
  Fund works to ensure those abused in legal employment can be remunerated-i.e. employer went out of business without paying wages
19 Do you believe that all citizens have adequate access to legal help in a BOLI investigation? No
  Dedicated legal counsel can become very expensive or out of reach for some
20 Do you think "reasonable accommodations" for religious leave allows an employer to ask for verification of a religious event or tradition? Yes
  Verify or abuse may occur
21 Do you support repeal of Oregon law designating candidates for Oregon Commissioner of Labor as non-partisan? No
  Our state needs less politics and more bi-partisanship making ends meet
22 Do you believe that the BOLI system needs to be reformed? No
  BOLI needs to be enhanced focusing on excellent service, delivering resources, and results
23 Do you support the Federal government and FEMA usurping control over Oregon Governor's powers in ORS 401.188 in times of emergency? Decline
  Times of emergency state and federal resources must work together with the state being familiar with local health and safety
24 Does the will of the people through petitions or legislator's persuasion sway your application of law? Yes
  The people of Oregon must be considered as new information comes to light
The following question will not appear in the Candidate Comparison Guide, but will be included in your Individual Candidate Guide.
25 Where do you draw the line between 1st Amendment rights and the laws against discrimination?  
  Defer to the courts on balancing 1st amendment rights and discrimination
26 If elected, what will you change regarding mandate compliance?  
  This is the role of the Governor. Mandates that protect criminals and vagrancy impacting business operations and job creation should be considered